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Persons supported volunteering at an animal shelter.

Mission, Vision, Values


Partners For Quality, through its family of agencies, supports people by providing services that promote choice, personal satisfaction and the realization of their hopes and dreams.


People have the opportunity to experience and fully participate in all aspects of life.


Partners For Quality shall provide services and supports to assure people:

  • Are treated with dignity, respect and sensitivity to cultural diversity;
  • Are afforded the human, civil and legal rights described in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations, the United States Constitution and all applicable Federal, State and Local laws and regulations;
  • Have opportunities to experience life-long learning;
  • Have the best possible physical/mental health and assurances for personal safety and security, with an emphasis on minimizing out-of-home placement;
  • Live, work and experience community environments that are personally satisfying;
  • Have the opportunity to maintain and/or establish natural supports and reciprocal relationships;
  • Have the opportunity to participate as active members of the community and to experience leadership roles;
  • Have access to community resources and organizations that are dynamic, receptive, responsive and continuously evolving;
  • Make informed decisions affecting their lives from an array of choices;
  • Realize their hopes and dreams and achieve their personal outcomes.
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